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Dec. 20th, 2011

country smile

Storybrooke | Trip Tucker

  • Trip Tucker, 28, doesn't know who his parents are. The only things he has of them is a southern accent and a first name, Charles, that he doesn't use and no one knows. For all he knows if he tries to think about it, is that he was raised by Doctor Felix in the orphanage associated with the church, with some help by Leo Abbot. He considers both of them family
  • When he grew out of the orphanage, he choose to stay on at the church as the youth pastor, as the kids in the program trusted him. This was how he met Chris Coghlan and why Chris comes to him when he needs a friendly ear over the other two pastors. He loves to work with the children, as it gives him a feeling of making up for a child related lose that he doesn't really understand.
  • As well as youth pastor, Trip works as a handyman for the town. He genuinely enjoys figuring out how to fix things, the more challenging the better, and he's very good at it.
  • When he's not at the church or on a job, Trip is most likely at one of the town bars as he has a reputation for being the town drunk. He'd just smile if asked why he drinks so much, as he is a relatively happy drunk, while not wanting to admit that he's trying to drown deep down feelings of confusion on who he is and what he wants.
  • He has no idea Malcolm Scathlocke may be attracted to him. No idea. He just thinks of him as Chris' well meaning cousin who took him in. 
  • It should be noted that most characters from other canons have had name changes to better fit their fairy tale/OUAT counterparts. While figuring out Trip's place in this AU, it was decided (by a group of players) that his canon name already fit, so he was allowed to keep it.

Dec. 19th, 2011

country smile

Fairy Tale- Prince Charles | Friar Tuck (Three) | Princess Charlotte

A fairy tale isn't always a fairy tale. Sometimes it's two threaded together into one.

This one starts with a royal child, as many often do. When Prince Charles was born, it was predicted that a terrible curse would befall him if stayed in the castle. In order to prevent any harm from coming to their son, the King and Queen asked two Friars known as Tuck (whether they shared the name or were brothers, nobody knew and they weren't telling) to smuggle him away to be raised by the friars of St Mary's Abbey.

The prince grew, as boys do, training to be one of the monks of the order under the name of Friar Tuck, the same as his two guardians. But, he had a fondness for drink and less of a fondness for authority that led to him being expelled from the order. But, Tuck was not deterred and set out to see the world, one of the elder Friar Tucks accompanying him as the other was already out traveling.

During their travels, they came upon Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who, lo and behold, had already adopted the other elder Friar Tuck as one of it's members (after a memorable bout of wits that ended with Robin in the river). While Robin tried to number them to tell the three Tucks apart, the elder two never stuck with their numbers. Tuck (or the Third) didn't help, never using the right number and yet always getting the guardian he wanted.

After they'd spent quite a while traveling with the Merry Men, Robin sent Tuck and one of his guardians (which didn't really matter nor was anyone sure which it really was) were sent to help a town that found themselves in need of godly aid. While there, a messenger from the royal court arrived to announce in the town square that the King & Queen were looking for the return of their lost son. It was much to both the messenger and Tuck's surprise when his guardian informed them that the search was over. And so Tuck, or should we say Prince Charles, reluctantly returned to his royal parents.

But the royal family underestimated the curse. When Prince Charles went to take his throne beside his parents, the curse took hold and changed him from a prince into a princess. They tried to find a way to break it but alas, a princess Charles stayed. The royal heir's name changed to Charlotte and the royal family went about their lives.

Time passed and all was relatively well, until Robin and his Merry Men heard that Prince Aragon, with the aid of two fearsome giants, were besieging the castle for the hand of the princess. The Friars Tuck urged them to come to the King's aid, so Robin, Little John and Will Scarlet set forth. They defeated the prince and the giants and in return, the King offered the hand of the princess to the man of her choosing. Charlotte choose Will and they were married, with Will none the wiser that he was truly marrying his friend, Tuck.

Soon after, the couple were expecting a child, a child who un-beknowst to anyone, would break the curse and turn Charlotte back into Charles. But before the babe could be born, the Evil Queen's curse descended upon the land, sending them all into a land of unhappy endings.

Dec. 18th, 2011

country smile

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